Linking and embedding learning through integrated half termly projects

Within our aim to enable and empower our pupils, we understand how forming links between knowledge and concepts is essential to long term learning. Our curriculum projects, based around the ‘Cornerstones’ approach,  are carefully planned to allow for sequences of learning that build up knowledge over time and that link learning across different subject areas, including English, History, Geography, Art and Design and Technology.

Each half termly learning project that the children complete has a specific subject focus but also deliberate links to other subjects, all of which interlink to contextualise the areas being learned and embed this learning, allowing for the development of complex ‘schema’ for our pupils. R.E., P.E., Music and Computing are taught weekly and link to the learning projects when appropriate, although learning in these subjects is often discrete.

Within our adapted Cornerstones projects, four key stages are planned for: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express:

  1. Engage – pupils’ interest in the project is gained through a memorable experience and the context for future learning is set.
  2. Develop – subjects are explored in great depth to enable the learning of key knowledge and concepts.
  3. Innovate – children use and apply what they have learned.
  4. Express – pupils reflect on what they have learned.

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