All Aboard!

The Bayside Boat

We believe that we are all on a journey and that for our children Bayside is a vital part of the beginning of our children’s journey. We want all of our children to know where they are aiming to travel to, and the route to get there.

The Hull

The hull of the boat keeps us all afloat. Our hull is our school environment that we must respect and develop to support all of our sailors.

The rudder

The adults help to steer us in the right direction. Sometimes the path is hard and we have to head through choppy waters, but we have to keep going and trust that the adults are navigating the best course.

The Sails

We have to have wind in our sails or we won’t progress. All of the crew need to work hard to move our boat forwards and move to where we want to be.


We cannot move forward unless we all work together. Everyone has to respect each other, listening and cooperating to make sure everyone is involved so that we can all move forwards.

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